Transition by George Breed

My son asked me long ago why as people get older they tend to get more religious. As an older person, 79 in a few months, I think I can now more adequately address that question. In my case, it is not so much that I am more religious in the sense of church attendance unless by church is meant the realm of Nature plus the actions of daily life, especially the latter. 

Author George Breed.

Author George Breed.

I am more open to the spiritual realm because my mind is less entangled with the affairs of the world. Sure, I know what is going on but am less attached to it. I am making a transition. I can feel my body letting go (though it is a good strong horse and seems to have some years left). 

I am fortunate that my mind has been capacious most of my life. But now that capaciousness is more my abiding place than is the world of daily human sociodrama. I am "in the world but not of the world." It is as if elders share a secret which is a secret only because it cannot be fully shared with younger persons as they flash past on their zip line of life.

I think older people get "more religious" or, in my terms, more spiritual or more capacious, because we are making a transition to other realms. We are shifting energies. We are dying before we die. We are continuing our opening of an awareness that new adventures await.

George Breed is the author of several books published by Anamchara Books including The Inner Work of the Warrior: A Manual for Embodying SpiritJesus and Lao Tzu: Adventures with the Tao Te Ching, and The Hidden Words of the Living Jesus: A Commentary on the Gospel of Thomas